• P.O.Box: 33294, Sharjah, UAE.
  • info@amberpackaging.com

(+971) 6 550 0737 (6 lines)

(+971) 55 857 3496

Amber has a dedicated team for quality assurance of our products. The team is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment's and facilities for assuring the right quality. We conduct special tests for solvent retention through gas chromatograph, seal and bond strength through universal testing machine, COF checks, scuff test, optical density test, falling impact sustenance test, sisi test, thickness test for films.

We assure the highest quality & lowest deviation that Amber’s clients expect, focusing on:
• On-site quality control engineers who monitor our plant production
• Rigorous checking and rechecking of die line specifications.
• Winding direction charts and accurate eye-mark positions
• Production tracking systems to maintain levels of quality throughout the production process.
• Box marking and identification
• ISO certification for all our suppliers
• We stand by our packaging and strive to produce & convert best high-end packaging.

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