Chewing Gum

Amber offers a wide range of flexible packaging options and continue to look for new, innovative solutions to meet the ongoing packaging needs of our customers.

Foil packs, flow packs, multipacks, bags, blisters, capsules, envelopes, jars with label or sleeve and sample bags are among the many possibilities - as well as eye-catching sales displays in various designs. Packaging can also be tailored to individual customer specifications.

  • Chewing gum inner wrapper & outer wrapper
  • FFS rolls, wrappers & top webs for individual sticks of chewing gum & gum packs
  • Hot-melt, extrusion & coating process
  • High-speed machine performance
  • Multi Packs wrappers
  • Over wrapping paper foil laminates
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Blister for Chiclets

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