Amber recognizes the levels on which food packaging affects meat and seafood products. Selecting the proper meat packaging is essential for ensuring product safety and stability, in addition to maintaining the vibrant colors consumers associate with freshness and quality. Seafood packaging must provide strength and protection for even the most delicate of products. We offer a range of specialty packaging films for fresh, frozen, cooked, and shelf-stable meat, poultry, and seafood applications, all designed to meet even the most demanding processing, storage, and distribution challenges.

  • Gold, Silver & all colours thermoforming films with EVOH option for more shelf life
  • Permanent seal, easy peelable, re-sealable, anti-fog, sterilization & pasteurization films
  • Cook-in films with high puncture resistance
  • High barrier vacuum shrink bags & pouches
  • Retort Grade pouches
  • Mortadella, minced / fibrous casings with & without clips, shirred & rolls
  • Burger bags, Burger Paper & Chicken bags
  • Pillow vacuum bags
  • Minced meat paper / molder paper / separators in hamburger packs
  • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors

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