Snack Foods Packaging Products

Gourmet snacks often contain ingredients that require specialty packaging to help products remain fresh and delicious through shelf life. Amber’s packaging engineers understand the unique needs of snack products and know how to meet those needs by creating the perfect package for premium snacks.

Our rotogravure printing process works with irresistible graphics that makes products stand out among the competition. Amber’s packaging provides small quantity packaging solutions for snack food.

  • Protect against exposure to oxygen that can cause off-flavors and rancidity
  • Manage moisture that can affect the texture of soft or crispy ingredients.
  • Provide consumer-friendly features like easy-open and re-sealable closures
  • Pouches, bags and laminated rolls with specialized barrier properties
  • Ultra-clear, colored and printed films
  • Glossy, matt and partial matt / gloss finishes
  • Stand-up pouches with re-sealable closures

Our Products