Lidding Solutions

Today's ready-meal, diary, beverage markets are a long way from the conventions packaging methodologies and would like to offer the consumers ready to eat food with original freshness. Modern processing systems and preparation methods demand advanced food packaging solutions to ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. Amber has the engineered and developed solutions to help manufacturers package and promote their products perfectly.

  • Wide range of sealing temperatures
  • Suitable for liquids & pellets
  • Easy and continuous peeling with good seal through properties for yoghurt cups, yoghurt drink cups, ayran, lebneh & other diary, water containers.
  • Clear transparent lidding free from heat seal lacquer which eliminates the risk of product taste with temperature variations
  • Customer friendly features like re-closable, skin top web, anti-fog, matt & glossy finish, embossing, etc.
  • Available for PS, PVC, PP, PET & more
  • Sizes: 48 mm to 130 mm (roll form)
  • Roto / Flexo printing up to 11 colors

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