Retort Grade Packaging

Today's ready-meal market is a long way from the cardboard and foil-wrapped home dinners of the past. Modern processing systems and preparation methods demand advanced food packaging solutions to ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. Amber has the engineered and developed solutions to help manufacturers package and promote their products perfectly.

Amber’s specialty pouches are also well suited for the growing area of organic foods packaging as they provide benefits ranging from reduced materials use to improved sustainability, as well as modern convenience features

  • Cook-in films
  • Lidding films with easy-open and re-sealable technology
  • Specialty pouches & rolls for frozen and microwaveable ready cooked products
  • Retort grade packaging rolls and pouches
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Convenience features like spouts, fitments, vents, zippers, etc.
  • Advanced 11 color rotogravure printing
  • Innovative packaging designs

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