Amber’s leading food packaging solutions, offers a variety of custom packaging options to meet the unique needs of today's diary food processors

  • Thermoforming high barrier films & pouches (top & bottom web) for shredded cheese & cheese blocks.
  • Soft cheese triangle packaging aluminum foil
  • Butter & Margarine wrappers
  • Lidding foil & films with easy peel, re-closable, anti-fog properties for tray & cups
  • Plain & printed vacuum pouches
  • Vacuum shrink bags & Cheese maturation bags
  • Specialty pouches with features like spouts, vents, easy-open and reusable closures.
  • Specialized bags for grilled hot chicken
  • Films for horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form seal (VFFS) systems.
  • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors
  • Wax-based or extrusion laminated film for diary, butter or margarine in blocks, sticks & rolls.
  • Printing side of foil on both bright & dull sides
  • Embossed with generic or customized pattern

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